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Antonio coasts his DS E-TENSE FE20 to victory in Berlin


An incredibly thrilling end to the first Berlin E-Prix saw Antonio Felix Da Costa lead from pole position all the way to the chequered flag to extend his lead with a maximum point score of 30 points in the first race of most intense finale in motorsport history.

ABB Formula E is attempting something that has never been done before, a six race finale across nine days in the German capital of Berlin. Both drivers and teams will be under extreme pressure to deliver during this time as they race across three different tracks.

DS TECHEETAH was off to a great start with Antonio Felix Da Costa and Jean-Éric Vergne securing a front row lock down in qualifying. Whilst Antonio went on to win the race, team-mate Jean-Éric had an incredibly strong start with some stellar moves in the Attack Mode Zone but sadly got taken out by an accident. The result today gives Antonio a 41 points lead and DS TECHEETAH a 36 points lead. With five more races left to go, there is still everything left to play for.

Tune in to watch tomorrow’s race at 19:00 CEST here


Antonio Felix Da Costa, P1:

“I’m so grateful. Running so many races in the back previously has given me a lot of experience but has also created such a hunger to be at the front, so to be here to today feels astonishing but I will never, ever take a day like this for granted.

We have one of the best cars on the grid. The DS powertrain is incredible, and the team has put so much behind me and Jean-Éric so all I can express is gratitude to everyone in the team for the win today. We have another five races to go and lots of points to hone in before we are finished here and I’m beyond happy to be here together with this team.”


Jean-Éric Vergne, DNF:

“We had such a great start today. Quali was really good and I had a good feeling in the car. Securing our first front row lock up was a nice feeling too, so it’s a real disappointment to have ended up in the back when it should have been another one, two on the podium as well. But the good news is that we have another five races and a whole bunch of points and I’ve come back from worse, so the championship is far from over.”


Mark Preston, DS TECHEETAH Team Principal:

“This team never ceases to amaze me. We have had 158 days of no racing and they come back to it like we haven’t done anything else but race. Our first front row lock up, and an incredible race start from both drivers that could well have been another one, two on the podium bodes very well for the rest of the coming five races. What looked so promising for Jev today turned out the opposite but we all know JEV will back on it tomorrow and have better fortunes. Congratulations to Antonio for his win today, his second this season with our team and to Formula E for pulling this event off in such an efficient manner. Kudos to all!”


Xavier Mestelan Pinon, DS Performance Director:

"First round for Antonio in the six-race showdown, who very impressively took pole position and won the race with a very good lead, a scenario which consolidates our positions at the top of both championships. Of course, we are disappointed with Jean-Eric’s finish as he could have been on the podium, but we will analyse that and come back stronger tomorrow. The important point here is that the DS E-TENSE FE20 is the fastest car on this track, in qualifying and during the race, and that is most important for the coming races.”