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  • Revealed on 10 March 1970 in Geneva, the SM is celebrating 50 years.
  • An avant-garde symbol, the shape of the SM has been the subject of a competition within DS DESIGN STUDIO PARIS to dream up an “SM 2020”.
  • Six DS DESIGN STUDIO PARIS creations can be voted for by visitors to DS Automobiles on Facebook and Twitter.
  • The competition is open to other designers who go to @DS_Official on Instagram and Twitter and use #SM2020.

Inspired by the spirit of the avant-garde, DS DESIGN STUDIO PARIS doesn’t stop pushing the limits of creativity. A few days after revealing DS 9 and DS AERO SPORT LOUNGE, the team led by Thierry Metroz has a new challenge: designing the shape of the “SM 2020”.

Symbolic of great French coachbuilding and legendary for half a century, the SM remains a jewel of the car industry and the expertise that nowadays characterises the work of DS Automobiles. Like the 1955 DS, the SM influences DS Automobiles’ designs.

Driven by the desire to share this with SM and DS Automobiles fans, DS DESIGN STUDIO PARIS is showcasing six proposals from 10 March, 50 years to the day since the SM was unveiled at the President Wilson Hotel in Geneva.

From now on, the DS DESIGN STUDIO PARIS work can be voted in the form of duels on through posting on the DS Automobiles Facebook, Twitter and Instagram stories pages.

The drawings winner of each duel will participate in a second phase during which the shares on social networks will be crucial. Internet users will then have the opportunity to win the lithography signed by its designer.

Everyone is also invited to share their own creations on social networks by using @DS_Official and # SM2020.

Friday 10 March 14:00
Sunday 12 March 12:00
Tuesday 14 March 12:00
Final phase from Monday 16 March…

@DS_Official and #SM2020 on Twitter and Instagram