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Studio Harcourt is coming to DS WORLD PARIS for the end-of-year festivities. Between Saturday 13 December 2014 and Saturday 3 January 2015, DS WORLD PARIS will be giving visitors an opportunity to discover the Studio Harcourt experience with a photoshoot and to take away one of 1,000 “Clins d’œil” (compact format) portraits. Studio Harcourt will also be displaying an original collection of pictures showing personalities linked to the DS brand.
Take part in this exceptional photoshoot at 33 rue François 1er, Paris 8!



After Shanghai, Paris…

Following the exhibition of Studio Harcourt portraits at DS WORLD SHANGHAI last month, it is now the turn of the Paris entity to bring these two emblematic names together. From 13 December next, DS WORLD PARIS will have the honour of welcoming Studio Harcourt Paris. The studio will bring a sense of festive enchantment to this showcase, dedicated to the DS brand and its models. “We were keen to work with a brand that shares our values. We are delighted to be able to do so with DS, a new automotive brand that shares the same ideas of French elegance, know-how and bold design,” says Catherine Renard, CEO of Studio Harcourt.

A photoshoot worthy of a star…

As part of the end-of-year festivities and to celebrate this cooperation, DS WORLD PARIS is welcoming a pop-up Studio Harcourt, complete with photographers and make-up artists, for a ten-day photoshoot* ending on 3 January 2015*. DS WORLD PARIS is even giving away 1,000 portraits by Studio Harcourt in a compact “Clins d’œil” format (10 x 15 cm). Following a make-up session, participants will be able to pose in front of the expert lens of Studio Harcourt and take away a portrait signed with the famous “H”. Since 1934, the studio has built a global reputation on its inimitable black-and-white photography.

DS and Harcourt, photos of personalities and far more…

The partnership between the two brands, neighbours in the Golden Triangle district of Paris, is also an opportunity to show portraits of French personalities taken by Studio Harcourt, from the 1960s to the present day. From General De Gaulle to the actor Jean Marais, via Sébastien Loeb and Inès de la Fressange, all these eminent names have been linked at some point in their lives with the DS brand.

Julien Faux, Director of DS WORLD PARIS, said, “This cooperation with Studio Harcourt fully reflects the tradition and spirit of DS. By bringing these two brands together under the same roof, we are able to illustrate a sense of distinction that is eminently French and even eminently Parisian!”.

The vintage DS, star of the automotive industry from its debut in 1955, also had its portrait taken by the celebrated studio! The photo of the original DS 19 will be displayed next to other photos during the residency. More recently, the DS 5LS launched in China this Spring enjoyed this privilege!

And maybe it will be your turn tomorrow?


Studio Harcourt Paris, an institution in celebrity photography founded in France

Studio Harcourt is the most legendary of all photo studios. Founded in Paris in 1934 under the management of Cosette Harcourt. the studio came to symbolise the sophistication of Parisian high society. It has immortalised international personalities from the world of art, sports, business or politics, as well as anonymous people looking for that special touch of elegance.

Studio Harcourt portraits are unique, both for their lighting and their signature. They carry on a tradition of expertise inherited from the directors of black-and-white cinema. They also reflect the unique experience enjoyed by the model on the prestigious set of Studio Harcourt.

From Edith Piaf to Halle Berry, Ewan McGregor and Roger Federer, via General de Gaulle and Salvador Dali, all these celebrities are part of the Studio Harcourt legend.

Currently based in the heart of the Golden Triangle district in Paris, between Avenue Montaigne and Rue François 1er, Studio Harcourt continues to capture the imagination with its elegant retro style portraits.


Practical information

STUDIO HARCOURT RESIDENCY - from 13 December 2014 to 3 January 2015

at DS WORLD PARIS - 33 rue François 1er Paris 8e

*STUDIO HARCOURT “CLINS D’ŒIL” PORTRAIT PHOTOSHOOT - 10 x 15 cm (up to two people per photoshoot)

Pre-registration with DS WORLD PARIS (01 53 57 33 08 - or free access between 10:00 am and 7:00 pm on:

- Saturday 13 December between 2:00 pm and 7:00 pm

- Friday 19 December

- Saturday 20 December

- Monday 22 December

- Tuesday 23 December

- Saturday 27 December

- Monday 29 December

- Tuesday 30 December

- Friday 2 January

- Saturday 3 January