TIMELESS, THE 400,000TH DS 3 IS ON THE ROAD! | Media DS International


Tue, 06/12/2016 - 11:00

The 400,000th DS 3 hatchback was delivered a few days ago to its owner, Marine Laurent, by Julien Faux, Director of DS WORLD PARIS.

Built at the PSA Poissy site and guaranteed “Made in France”, this DS 3 Performance Black Spécial was an immediate choice for its customer, who was looking for “a car with real personality and style, able to adapt to my day-to-day requirements. I knew this since I already drive a DS 3. I see this car as a sound investment and I decided to treat myself with this sporty version.”

DS 3 is the brand’s best seller. Since its launch, it has demonstrated an ability to appeal to both women (55% of customers) and men. Its looks and design lines are the main reason for purchase. Owners frequently describe it as elegant or as a sporty car that is fun to drive. High-quality features and comfort are characteristics most frequently emphasized by customers.


DS 3 was the first DS to arrive on the market. It overturned established codes with the general public as well as shaking up the manufacturing process. DS 3 was launched with a wide range of personalised options, in bi-tone versions (different body and roof colours) or in customised versions combining colours and roof decals. An industrial challenge addressed from the start by placing personalisation at the heart of the manufacturing process. The challenge has clearly been met, since the 400,000th DS 3 hatchback guaranteed “Made in France” left the production lines at the Poissy site a few weeks ago! A total of 400,000 DS 3 hatchbacks have therefore been built at this site in France, of which 85% bi-tone, with an array of special editions (more than 20 since launch). With the 12 roof decals available since launch, the dedicated personalisation workshop is always busy. It takes two operators around 20 minutes on average to position a roof decal manually.



This 400,000th DS 3 hatchback has brought a smile to the face of its owner, Marine Laurent. She decided to renew her DS 3 Sport Chic purchased in 2011, with a DS 3 Performance Black Spécial. She opted for the most dynamic version of DS 3, a model with 208 horsepower and highly distinctive looks, with matt black bodywork, touches of carbon on the side mouldings, side trim features, a gloss Gold roof and, inside, a sophisticated sporty ambience (dashboard and gearlever base painted in gloss Gold, bucket seats, etc. Mrs Laurent took delivery of her new DS 3 a few days ago, receiving the keys from Julien Faux, Director of DS World Paris. Talking about her car, she said:  “I had to have this DS 3 as soon as I saw it. Even though I was already a DS driver, my new car is just irresistible, probably because of its timeless character and its personalisation options. I feel that it’s unlikely that any two cars will be the same. My friends found the combination of matt and gold paintwork a bit daring but they know me, so they know that I’m the sort of person who likes a dare!” She adds:  “the car has changed quite a bit since my first DS 3, with more features too. I’m rediscovering the car. I like the fact that it feels totally new!”



DS 3 customers use similar terms when talking about their cars: “an icon”, “a unique object”, “the DS 3 has revolutionised automotive cues” and also “I like having a car that resembles me. It’s unique” (Elodie, age 39). “The fin makes it look really sporty,” (Franck, age 46). “I love my DS 3. I do everything with it: holidays, work, shopping,” (Julie, age 45).

Customer surveys conducted by the brand in Europe* show that DS 3 appeals to both women (55% of customers) and men and 43% live in two-car households. For 73% of customers, DS 3 has a “sporty” image, 62% say that it is “fun to drive” and 54% describe it as “elegant”. The main reason for purchasing a DS 3 is clearly its style, in 61% of cases. In terms of driving experience, the customers emphasize very often the main features such as comfort, richness of the equipment and the quality.

Having topped the 400,000 mark in production, DS 3 has every attention of continuing to exercise its appeal for a long time to come!


* survey conducted between 2011 and 2015 in G10 Europe with customers buying new DS 3 and DS 3 Cabrio vehicles.  Survey panel: 6,000 respondents