• DS Automobiles is launching a contest specially for professional artists in France. Created in partnership with Studio Métiers Rares, DS x MÉTIERS D’ART is a competition devised to highlight the brilliance of leading professionals and inspire the development of features that are new to the automotive world.
  • Guardian of French expertise, DS Automobiles is part of an innovative initiative to strengthen its ties with the best French craftsmen.
  • The winner will get a budget from DS Automobiles to produce a unique interior trim for DS 9 as well as a 10,000 Euro grant.

A part of DS DESIGN STUDIO PARIS, the CMF (Colours, Materials and Finishes) division embodies the perfect fit between design, luxury and expertise. Part of a team from various creative backgrounds, these designers are continually looking into the most appropriate outlines, textures and shades. This research is backed up by the remarkable expertise of craftsmen in upholstery and paint, the brilliance of partner suppliers but also creative craftsmen with whom DS Automobiles has worked for a long time to embellish its concept cars and work on developing future materials in a way that’s exclusive and high quality.

Driven by this research into creativity and excellence, the DS Automobiles teams are launching a competition for the best craftsmen in French art, in partnership with Studio Métiers Rares. Appealing to the power of innovation within professional artists through a technical and aesthetic challenge will enable DS Automobiles to deepen the creative and innovative bond with these established or emerging professionals from the art world’s creative scene.

The DS x MÉTIERS D’ART competition is made up of four parts. To start with, candidates will have to register. An internal committee will appoint ten participants who will have to produce samples with an allocated budget. Selected by a jury made up of the DS Automobiles teams and personalities who are influential in the world of art and design, three finalists will then be asked to create a door panel trim for DS 9, still within a specific budget. The jury will appoint the winner of the competition, to whom DS Automobiles will give a budget specially for making a unique DS 9 interior as well as a 10,000 Euro grant.

“Our mission is to breathe soul into our designs by connecting the human with beauty and reality. Yesterday’s innovative experiments are today’s expertise. Their mastery is a precious asset and a source of contemporary innovation. DS Automobiles has always collaborated with remarkable craftsmen for the design of its models. From bodywork to cockpit, via upholstery, we constantly target innovation, excellence and attention to detail. In a world where professional artists most often remain in the shadow of their sponsors, DS Automobiles wants to highlight them and support them through a unique collaboration, in the shape of a competition. Lison de Caunes, Cécile Feilchenfelt, Maison Lemarié and Anna LeCorno were the first to bring their expertise to the DS creative ideas challenge. The winner will be added to this prestigious list.”

Thierry Metroz, DS Automobiles Design Director

The DS x MÉTIERS D’ART competition is reserved for professionals living in France. Participants can sign up on https://www.dsautomobiles.fr/univers-ds/marque-ds/appel-a-creation-ds-x-metiers-d-art.html from 12 April 2021 and send their application in until 31 May 2021.