The official tests for the season 7 of the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship which took place at the Ricardo Tormo circuit (Valencia, Spain) from November 28 to December 1 were very encouraging for DS TECHEETAH.

This session allowed the drivers and the team to check the relevance of their strategy and to test the software as well as the hardware in the ‘real world’.

Unlike the urban circuits on which Formula E races take place, the Valencia circuit is a traditional one. It can therefore be difficult to compare its performances to that of other teams but these tests allows the team to equip engineers and drivers with the best tools for the season ahead.

Mark Preston, DS TECHEETAH Team Principal:

“Raw pace and lap times are rarely the priority at a test but what we tend to focus on is equipping the engineers with a really good toolbox and to validate our thinking and direction. You can do all the simulations in the world, but nothing beats the real deal - running the cars on track. It doesn’t matter how much you test on rigs and dynos; you don’t always find the difference until you get to a track as that is when you can truly validate your concepts and ideas. The three days

here in Valencia gave us a good amount of time to explore various avenues and when something worked really well, it offered new opportunities as we had the time to explore them.”
“Although the Valencia track isn’t entirely representative as it’s a traditional race circuit, it still offers the opportunity to benchmark your performance with both yourself and others. It won’t tell you who is the fastest, but it’s possible to tell if you’ve made an advance compared to your benchmark.”

Xavier Mestelan Pinon, DS Performance Director:

“After winning both titles in Season Six, the counters are set to zero and we are ready to launch our Season Seven campaign, to become the first Formula E World Champions. The pre-season test, which function as a real rehearsal before the start of the season, allowed us to validate the cars and the on-board systems before they’re shipped to Santiago. We saw different weather conditions during the last four days, which was really good as it gave us the opportunity to test both cold, wet and warm and dry tracks. We had some reassuring results from all surfaces, the opposite would have been worrying! We’re not making any hasty conclusions from the test, but we are leaving Valencia with confidence for the first race in Chile and that’s key.”


Antonio Félix da Costa, Reigning ABB FIA Formula E Champion:

“Really cool and three good days of testing. We’ve gone through a lot of test programs that we wanted to trial, and we got to some good conclusions on some of them which was really important as they will help us a lot during the season. Even though we’re carrying the Season Six powertrain, we seemed competitive. So now it’s time to switch off a little bit, wish everyone Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and can’t wait for 2021 which I hope will be a better and healthier year for everyone and see you all in Santiago for Round One and Two.”


Jean-Éric Vergne, ABB FIA Formula E Champion 2017/2018 and 2018/2019:

“We had a good test here in Valencia and I’m really happy with the work that we’ve done. We had quite a rigorous plan in place and we managed to find some really interesting things that will help us excel in the coming season. I feel more confident going into this season than I did last year, and I literally can’t wait to go racing now, Santiago couldn’t come any sooner. But first we have a holiday break, and the team really deserved some time off, they’ve worked non-stop all year.”